Superior Quality.


Quality is woven throughout everything we do.

Everything is process driven and everyone in every Fusion Worldwide location works off the same processes.

At Fusion Worldwide, we incorporate the latest technology at our quality and logistics hubs and throughout the inspection process. In addition, we believe in transparency. Our customers know everything we know.

This attention to detail at every step is what makes us the experts and the leaders who are continuously raising the quality standards for all electronic component distributors.

  • Box Delivered

  • Receiver One

    Reviews & Photographs:

    • Packaging
    • Part  Number
    • Serial Number
    • Quantity
    • COO
    • Lot Codes
    • Date Codes
  • Receiver Two

    Reviews & Scans Barcodes:

    • Packaging
    • Part Number
    • Serial Number
    • Quantity
    • COO
    • Lot Codes
    • Date Codes
  • Quality Inspection


    • Markings
    • Leads
    • Part Top, Bottom, Side
    • Acetone
    • Marking Permanency
    • Scrape
    • Dimensions
    • Datasheet
    • Magnification
    • History/GS
  • Lab Testing

    Tests Using:

    • Keyence Scope 2000x
    • X-ray
    • XRF
    • Heated Chemical test
    • Chemical Decap
    • Solderability
  • General Testing

    Additional Tests:

    • Electrical
    • CPU
    • Memory
    • Storage
    • Graphics
    • Peripherals
  • Departs To Customer

Worldwide Quality.

Fusion Worldwide's quality and logistics hubs are ANSI ESD S20.20 certified and temperature and humidity controlled.


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