Keeping your vision first.

At Fusion Worldwide, we provide a number of solutions to solve your electronic component and finished product supply chain challenges. We believe that helping you stay on schedule and on budget is not a one-sized fits all solution. As such, we pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to find the best solutions to meet their specific needs.


Sourcing is how we came to be – over the past 20 years, we’ve developed a network of global suppliers to help our customers find even the hardest to find parts.

Cost-Reduction Strategies

Through our network, we can save you money on specific high-dollar, high-running products you are currently buying from direct suppliers or franchise distributors.

Excess-Market Creation

Everyone has issues with managing excess. Or value is creating markets to move that excess product for you by creating markets in other locations.


End of Life / Obsolescence

Components will eventually become obsolete or replaced with newer ones. With our network, we can find these EOL products and regularly keep you informed of the supply usage.

Inventory Management

As inventory concerns grow and the cost rises, have Fusion help you manage your inventory. Through tailored agreements that meet your needs, we can hold material for you at one of our logistics and quality hubs and send to you when needed.

Market Intelligence

Our focus on market information is a big part of who we are. We’re constantly gathering data from our suppliers to get a read on where things are going and make a point of sharing that with our customers whenever we can. In addition, our proprietary software, Scout™, keeps records of market trends.

Global Logistics

We have a global logistics team that is dedicated to ensuring the product we ship you arrives efficiently and on time.


Fusion Worldwide can group and package components together to ship as a single unit on your behalf.

In-house Quality Labs

We have a quality lab at every logistics and quality hub. Each quality lab mirrors the other whether it ships from Amsterdam, the US, or Hong Kong.


We are here for you when your supply chain is interrupted.


Let Fusion Worldwide solve your supply chain needs.

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